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I have met this amazing man in October 2008 in Melbourne for the first time and since then he has been a lasting  inspiration to me.

Some of Don’s thoughts: “There’s no mystery about health and where it comes from.  The problem is that there’s no money in health, only in the treatment of disease.  If you lay down the weapons of war and embrace the principles of life, health and vitality will be the natural result.The revolution of Self-Care is now upon us.  People are waking up and realizing they need to take charge of their own health.  I’ll be discussing this in detail at my events. ” – Don Tolman

This is to invite you to “An Evening With Don Tolman”, 2 and a 1/2 hour program. It’s an evening that’s FREE to you as my guest, saving you the normal $89 entry.

Go straight to Fortune Events and register now. You will need to type in the Privilege Code: BODY to get your FREE ticket before this program sells out (as it always does!) Otherwise pay $89 entry online or at the door.

Be well and enjoy.

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